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From Paul Gier <>
Subject Re: SCM info and modules
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 15:13:51 GMT
I think inheriting it unchanged is fine for most multi-module projects,
even using SVN.  Thinking in terms of the JBoss AS build, releases
always happen from the root path of the project, and the URL I would
want to put into module jar manifests for example would also be the root
URL of the project.

On 07/14/2011 10:03 AM, John Casey wrote:
> I'm not 100% sure it should be inherited at all. Inheriting unchanged is
> only valid for something like Git, but probably never for SVN. However,
> as you point out, Maven's current guess is usually not good enough either.
> I'm not sure Maven can reliably fill in an intelligent value for SCM
> information, if it's missing from a POM. That leaves a pretty tedious
> state of affairs, though.
> On 7/14/11 10:57 AM, Paul Gier wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> The current behaviour of Maven for a multi-module project is that the
>> module path will automatically be appended to the end of the scm fields
>> (connection, url, etc).  This has always seemed like a bug to me since
>> it not what you would want for a real multi-module project.  The only
>> case where it is correct is when you have a bunch of small loosely
>> connected projects (like Maven plugins) and you are using svn.
>> For a multi-module project using git, this is really annoying because
>> now I have to set the scm URL for each module separately if I want them
>> to contain a working URL.  Am I missing some simple configuration?  Or
>> should we fix this maybe in Maven 3.1 to just inherit the scm
>> information unmodified instead of trying to be smart about adding module
>> paths?
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