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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [DISCUSS] SCM child-project URL composition
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2011 16:46:45 GMT

problem description

SCM URLs currently automatically get extended for child modules.
E.g. from 
in the parent pom, a child module 'frontend' will result in getting a SCM URL

This is fine for SVN and CVS, but broken for GIT, HG, etc because the SCM URL is 'static'
for them.  


Since we cannot put this information into the various scm plugins (because of a 'definition
cycle' as explained here [1]) we could split the URL construction into scmUrlAppendChild=true/false
and make it configurable. The configuration could be controlled via a Modello config, my suggestion
would be to just add them to toolchains.mdo.
I'd just add a String property which holds a regular expression which parses the SCM URL and
decides upon this whether the appending should get activated, e.g. for all SCMs which contain
'scm:svn:' or 'scm:cvs:' or the java-svn (olamy, you know the plexus key for that?)

If there is a better place to put that config or a better way to get the info, then please
speak up now :)

I think this change would be backward compatible and doesn't need any pom changes. It also
could easily get back-ported to mvn2 if needed.
Are there other URLS which also need a similar distinction while building the model?


txs and LieGrue,


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