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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject When to make a release of a Maven component / plugin
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 10:37:44 GMT
Recently a release vote received some criticism about whether the
release candidate contained sufficient changes to deserve a release.

Here is my position as a member of the Maven PMC.

If you are a Maven Committer and you think that a specific plugin /
component has a change which _you_ are prepared to spend _your_ time
and effort to make a release of that plugin / component... then that
change deserves a release.

The above is really the only criteria about when to make a release.

Obviously to make a release the unit and integration tests must be
passing, but as to the scope of changes before you trigger the
decision to make a release, that is entirely down to you deciding that
you have the time to spend on making the release right now.

If you develop a habit of making lots of frequent releases of the same
plugin / component with very small changes in-between... you may find
that the PMC members review your releases with decreasing priority and
you might have to ping after 72h to get to the magic three +1 votes...
or you may receive a mail from a PMC member asking that you slow the
releases down a bit... but remember that it is better to ask
forgiveness in such cases rather than worry and delay a possible
release (who knows you might not have the time to make the release
next week, and the changes might be a blocking issue for some user out

In an ideal world, each of the Maven plugins / components would
receive a maintenance release (if they have changes) every 6-8
weeks... we are not even close to that

24 plugins had their last release in 2010
6 plugins had their last release in 2009
3 plugins had their last release in 2008
2 plugins had their last release in 2007

And I have not even mentioned the shared components.

So if you are a committer, here is a message from your PMC. If you
think it needs a release, it needs a release. If after 5-10+ releases
from you we think your bar for needing a release is too low, then we
will tell you to raise your bar, but don't let fear of a quiet ping
from the PMC prevent you from getting those 5-10+ releases out there


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