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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject [REDUX] Java Service Wrappers (JSW) unfortunate license change
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2011 15:26:22 GMT
(This is continuation of a thread from 2008[1]. It's now impacting the
release of Apache James 3. If the topic is too far OT please shout ;-)

The JSW artifacts in Maven Central [2] now seem to lack a public
license (in other words, a unilateral license allowing the public to
distribute and download the artifact)

AFACT (please jump in if there's anything I've missed or
misunderstood) to fix this particular problem the community needs to
* Remove JSW runtime dependency from appassembler
* Remove the artifact from maven central
* Fork the source and release replacement artifacts with clean IP
* Cut a new appassembler release

My computer time is limited ATM so if any help would be really appreciated...

In this brave new world of retroactive license changes, this is a good
example of an important problem. The licenses issued by the original
authority for an artifact may change over time, and the license which
a downstream consumer of that artifact may rely upon may no longer be
issued by the upstream authority for that artifact. This allows
bait-and-switch tactics by upstream producers. To avoid potential
issues in the future for downstream users and those operating Maven
central, I think the Maven community needs to start thinking about
this problem now.

More specifically, reliable write-license meta-data in the repository
could be used to verify at release time that the dependencies have
licenses that satisfy some sort of policy. This is the sort of fits
with Rat  but Rat has stalled in the Incubator since there's no
obvious way home after graduation. My recovery continues but my
computer time is still limited. Suggestions, opinions, ideas and
offers for help welcomed.

(Out of time)



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