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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Re: [VOTE]: release maven-changes-plugin 2.6
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 06:13:45 GMT

Den 19.06.2011 23:08, skrev Gavin McDonald:
> I would be happy with weeks to be honest. Then again I have been used to being around
> slower projects that have released only every 2 or 3 years once 1 or 2 hundred issues
> been gathered into a release. And the release process itself takes weeks of work to
> achieve.
> Therefore ignore me, 3 issues seems like doing a days work, then release, then another
> work, then release etc ...

Given a very quick count, the apache maven project contains something 
like 90 individually deployable and separately votable artifacts. Our 
users upgrade these components individually according to need. Each 
component is individually tested and voted for; maven is not a 
monolithic application and should not be released as one.

The downside of this componentization is that sometimes fixing a single 
issue leads to the redeployment of multiple artifacts, at the moment I'm 
working on 1 issue that will require the
redeployment of 8 different artifacts (6 votes at apache, 2 elsewhere) 
before it's closed in its full extent. Most likely I'll have votes for 2 
of these "soon" and I'll just let the remaining 4 roll out
together with releases planned by others. But in this context I simply 
refuse to consider if a single release vote is too large or too small.

 From an agile perspective there's potential to getting a lot more 
issues fixed with a single year than the kind of project you mention. I 
have no specific stats but I assume we fix at least a thousand issues 
every year.

Some of our projects have sufficiently good automated test coverage that 
I suspect we could allow incremental .1 releases to go without a vote 
entirely. I'm not sure if this is something we're even allowed to 
consider ;) (Surefire would probably qualify, assuming we did some kind 
of formalized "continious production" kind of review)

I think ideally we should release every top-level component every 6 
weeks or so. But that means we'd have 1-3 votes every day ;)


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