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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: Get thee to the Core...
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 16:21:18 GMT
CC'ing dev@: I hope the PMC doesn't mind.

We've been spending some time on-and-off talking about how we can open 
up development in the Maven core, and see if we can attract some fresh 
minds and ideas. I'd like to copy a list of some things we've been 
talking about, and open it up to anyone here on the dev list who has an 

This list is not meant to be comprehensive, that's the point! I (and 
others) would like to start the conversation about what we need to do to 
get more of the community involved in developing the core of Maven.

If you're interested, please read on, and give us your thoughts!


On 6/8/11 8:18 PM, Barrie Treloar wrote:
> List of suggestions to improve hacking on the core
> * Move to a more sustainable architecture (Stephens started this with
> plexus-utils)

> * Upgrading Wagon (Mark)

> * Open up access to the community somehow (suggested by Kristian)

> * Draw in more developers to core (suggested by John)

> * Component annotations via more standard notations (suggested by John)

> * do stuff that is interesting to others (see the reaction to the
> mixin stuff I started) (suggested by Brett)

> * apply patches from people that genuinely can help (suggested by Brett)

> John also suggested

> - the Maven App Engine stuff I've been working on. which allows people
> to cobble together Maven-based apps, and play around with the
> different internal services / subsystems of Maven

this is under:

if anyone is interested...

> - blogs explaining the way to do various tasks inside the
> different subsystems work, or something

see below...

> - putting together some sort of call for people to come help with
> specific new features in the core, like versionless parents, multiple
> POM syntaxes, etc...

I think this thread is going to be the call...or at least, the first of 
many such calls.

> Here I think etc needs to be expanded :)

Please, that's the point of the conversation...expand it!

> p.s. I really like the idea of versionless parents that would save
> some pain I'm feeling)

I'm almost in favor of a more formalized parent/child dual POM syntax 
than versionless parents. Why not go all the way and recognize child 
POMs as the slave modules they are?

> I disagree with blogs, but that may be a starting point.

I was thinking about blogging as a way of answering specific 
engineering-related questions about how to get a particular thing done 
using Maven components. Or rather, how does Maven go about doing a 
particular task?

Maybe this would turn into documentation eventually...but I almost see 
it as more of a forum at first. We have email for this, and that will be 
the eventual response, that we should use email...but blogs are so much 
more accessible from places like feedly and google.

> I think we need to create documentation that is accessible from the
> main site.  Perhaps the tooling isn't quite there to do that easily.
> Personally I'd love to see a beginners walkthrough of how maven is
> architected with diagrams and links to the code.

Yes, documentation is the bane of most open-source projects...and we 
certainly have a weakness there. Part of the documentation needs to be 
fueled by a wish list from the community though...I'm too close to 
things personally to know which parts aren't easy to understand. :-)

> It's on my todo list, but that would require time to actually work on that list.
> Brett's last thing was "All good things to discuss on the dev list :)".

John Casey
Developer, PMC Member - Apache Maven (

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