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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Maven Site Plugin release plan
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:56:17 GMT

I've gone through JIRA tonight and have made sure that fixed issues have
the correct fix version(s), as many issues have been fixed for both 2.3
and 3.0-beta-4.

Looking at the road map [1] there are 24 of 25 issues fixed for 2.3 and
29 of 30 issues fixed for 3.0-beta-4. Given the amount of fixed issues
I'd like to release these soonish so that they won't be too large. Kudos
to Lukas for fixing most of them!

For that reason I'd like to postpone
for 2.x and
for 3.x to later versions if no one objects.

After these releases we can hopefully have a closer look at Hervé's
branch MSITE-560 which has the goal of making the 3.x branch of the Site
Plugin work with Maven 2.

As usual the Site Plugin requires a couple of other releases as well:
Doxia Sitetools 1.1.5 [2] and Doxia-tools 1.4 [3], but not Doxia this
time, as far as I can tell.

Is there anything else we need to fix at this time? Just shout if you
need some time to fix a pressing issue. I'll let this mail sit for a
couple of days before I start to release stuff.




Dennis Lundberg

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