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From David Jencks <>
Subject How do you get aether to traverse the entire dependency tree?
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 07:37:03 GMT
One of the nice side effects of moving the maven resolution code away from apache is that people
who work for companies with IP policies need additional approval to look at the source to
find out how it works.  Since I don't have such approval I'm really hoping for some advice.

I've been following the sample code at

I am working on a maven plugin that needs to traverse the entire dependency tree starting
from a project artifact.  Aether is not finding the whole tree.  Why not?  How do I make it?

To be more specific, aether is finding no children for an artifact that...
-- is only present in my local repo
-- is a custom packaging
-- the artifact for this custom packaging has a classifier
-- the type is not the same as the packaging name

I'll call this artifact A below.

i've made some spot checks for jars that are deployed to apache snapshot repo or central and
aether seems to be finding the children for these.

I think the relevant code is:

     * The entry point to Aether, i.e. the component doing all the work.
     * @component
    private RepositorySystem repoSystem;

     * The current repository/network configuration of Maven.
     * @parameter default-value="${repositorySystemSession}"
     * @readonly
    private RepositorySystemSession repoSession;

     * The project's remote repositories to use for the resolution of project dependencies.
     * @parameter default-value="${project.remoteProjectRepositories}"
     * @readonly
    private List<RemoteRepository> projectRepos;

    private DependencyNode getDependencyTree(Artifact artifact) throws MojoExecutionException
        try {
            List<org.sonatype.aether.graph.Dependency> managedArtifacts = new ArrayList<org.sonatype.aether.graph.Dependency>();
            CollectRequest collectRequest = new CollectRequest(new org.sonatype.aether.graph.Dependency(artifact,
"compile"), managedArtifacts, projectRepos);
            CollectResult result = repoSystem.collectDependencies(repoSession, collectRequest);
            return result.getRoot();
        } catch (DependencyCollectionException e) {
            throw new MojoExecutionException("Cannot build project dependency tree", e);

getDependencyTree when called on my project artifact returns a tree where the node for A has
no children.  Furthermore calling getDependencyTree on A directly also finds no children.
 On the other hand running this plugin on the project for A does find the children of A (the
dependencies listed in the pom for A).

changing the dependency on A from

(xml is the primary artifact file extension)

(feature is the packaging type)
causes a resolution error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project org.apache.geronimo.transaction.kar: Could not resolve
dependencies for project org.apache.geronimo.features:org.apache.geronimo.transaction.kar:kar:3.99.99-SNAPSHOT:
Could not find artifact org.apache.geronimo.features:org.apache.geronimo.jaxb-support:feature:features:3.99.99-SNAPSHOT
in nexus (http://localhost:8081/nexus/content/groups/public) -> [Help 1]

Any advice?

david jencks

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