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From Geoffrey De Smet <>
Subject Re: '+1' vs 'I agree'
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 16:03:41 GMT
For me the difference between
   +1 "I agree"
   +0 "I don't care"
is relevant.

Especially if you're fixing a problem, but your solution isn't 100% 
perfect, it's interesting to know if people are daily annoyed by this 
problem or don't care.
If you see many +1's, there might be even just cause to ignore a single 
-1 :)

Op 26-01-11 16:23, Paul Gier schreef:
> I would even go further and say that if it's not a vote, a +1 or "I
> agree" by themselves don't really add to the conversation.  In general,
> no response means either "I agree" or "I don't care enough to respond,
> so do what you want".  If a proposal or discussion item is put forward,
> it's normally safe to assume that unless someone speaks up, people are
> ok with it.  So at a minimum for non-vote items, I would prefer "I agree
> because...", or "I disagree because...".
> On 01/26/2011 05:44 AM, Lukas Theussl wrote:
>> This may seem like a peanut issue compared to other things we have to
>> discuss these days, but since so many things are coming up, I thought I
>> toss it in and maybe it will get overlooked...
>> It bugs me that every time I see a +1 in a normal conversation I find
>> myself crawling back up the mail thread to check if I missed a vote call
>> somewhere. I suspect it is common usus in apache land or maybe just an
>> established habit, but I think it's a bad habit and potentially
>> confusing as it's often not clear what the +1 refers to.
>> Isn't it reasonable to expect that people use proper language like a
>> simple 'Yes' or 'I agree' if they just want to express their support for
>> a point or statement, and to reserve numerical expressions for formal
>> vote threads?
>> thanks,
>> -Lukas
>> (*sigh*, glad I got that off my chest...)
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With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet

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