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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Changes Plugin 2.4 Released
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2011 22:10:21 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Changes
Plugin, version 2.4

This plugin is used to inform your users of the changes that have
occured between different releases of your project. The plugin can
extract these changes, either from a changes.xml file or from the JIRA
issue management system, and present them as a report. You also have the
option of creating a release announcement and even sending this via
email to your users.

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Maven 2.x Changes Plugin - Version 2.4

** Bug
    * [MCHANGES-121] - Incorrect Component value in report for
multi-component JIRA issue
    * [MCHANGES-141] - Jira Report fails to pick up issues that contain
multiple fix-for elements.
    * [MCHANGES-167] - Jira Password is not URL Encoded - Jira
Authentication Fails when Jira Password contains not allowed in URL
    * [MCHANGES-190] - HTML in changes.xml stopped working
    * [MCHANGES-206] - announcement-generate doesn't use configuration
of webUser, webPassword and filter for downloading the jira-issues
    * [MCHANGES-217] - wrong sorting order in jira report
    * [MCHANGES-218] - Downloading from JIRA fails if
issueManagement.url has trailing slash
    * [MCHANGES-219] - Not specifying a date for a release causes "null"
to be displayed in changes report
    * [MCHANGES-222] - The download URL for JIRA is wrong if the
issueManagement.url points to a component

** Improvement
    * [MCHANGES-60] - The jira report should handle the nonProxyHosts
specified in settings.xml
    * [MCHANGES-67] - The changes plugin should not hard code the
"team-list.html" file
    * [MCHANGES-144] - Add configuration if the encoding of JIRA xml
file is not UTF-8
    * [MCHANGES-203] - Use the POMs issueManagement.system when
selecting the system to use
    * [MCHANGES-207] - Jira-Report: Allow specification of a version-prefix
    * [MCHANGES-211] - Restructure the announcement goal to make it
easier to add other issue management systems
    * [MCHANGES-214] - Refactor JiraMojo and TracMojo to use the same
    * [MCHANGES-215] - Make it possible to add the columns Created, Id
and Updated to a JIRA Report
    * [MCHANGES-220] - Add support for links to more issue management
systems in the Changes report
    * [MCHANGES-221] - Deprecate the values used in the columnNames
parameter for the Trac Report
    * [MCHANGES-224] - Mark plugins as @threadSafe

** New Feature
    * [MCHANGES-140] - Create a changes check mojo
    * [MCHANGES-160] - Support creating a plain text version of the report
    * [MCHANGES-197] - Add parameter for output encoding
    * [MCHANGES-223] - Add support for Trac in the announcement goal


-The Maven team

Dennis Lundberg

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