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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject about MSITE-535
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2011 08:06:39 GMT

I just had a doubt regarding 
I came across a use case where implementing this would lead to different 
behavior. This case seems exotic to me but maybe it isn't. Assume:

1) a project inheriting the site descriptor from a parent
2) where the parent site.xml contains some relative links (for 
breadcrumbs, banners, links,...)
3) the child project gets deployed to a different site (ie the <url> has 
a different protocol://host:port).

In this case, the parent's relative links will be resolved wrt the 
parent's base url, and with MSITE-535 implemented, the links will point 
to (typically) an scp (upload) url instead of the project.url.

Note that there will be no problem if the parent only uses absolute 
links (because they won't be resolved), or if the child goes to the same 
site (because the same relative links will be used). So the question is: 
are there known instances of projects where the above assumptions hold?

If this turns out to be a problem it can still be fixed (by resolving 
the parent links before inheritance, which IMO would be the proper 
procedure anyway), but that would necessitate an API change as the 
current InheritanceAssembler has no method for link resolution.


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