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From "Marcus Linke" <>
Subject Re: Release plugin snapshot dependency resolution
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2010 11:36:35 GMT
Hi brett, of course it is. So should i open a new issue for this feature
in the JIRA or will you do so? ;) 

"Maven Developers List" <> writes:
>On 04/10/2010, at 6:06 PM, Marcus Linke wrote:
>> OK accepted. But if this shouldn't be within the responsibility of the
>> release plugin but of the versions plugin, do you know a possibility to
>> hide this versions plugin goal execution from the users point of view?
>> is there a way to hook in the versions plugin goal execution into the
>> release process to automate this? Maybe the release plugin should at
>> be configurable to execute some goals AFTER the release creation phase
>> this can be done with the '-Dgoals'
>> option WHILE the release creation phase ? I think this should be a good
>> (because generic) solution. What do you think?
>I do agree with this - whether for this use case or not, I think a change
>to the release plugin to be able to run goals at the end of preparation
>would be useful to start breaking up some of the functionality into
>discreet tasks. That's a new issue for the release plugin though :)
>- Brett
>Brett Porter
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