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From Mike Lenner <>
Subject Maven 3.0 reading non-maven build files
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 21:19:23 GMT
All -

I'm trying to support my company's migration to maven 3.0.  In doing
so, I'd like for the existing XML build files (our own schema) to
continue to work, just with Maven reading them in.  Our legacy build
files are fairly simple and map very easily to a pom.

My plan is to follow the model of pmaven-cli.  That is, create a maven
binary specific to my company (that I'll distribute) which uses my own
ModelReader to process the old, legacy build files.

1. Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

2. Am I on the right track with this:

public class MyCompayMavenCli extends MavenCli {

       protected ModelProcessor createModelProcessor( PlexusContainer
container ) throws ComponentLookupException {
		// create a new ModelProcessor which is just like
DefaultModelProcessor except it uses
                // a custom ModelReader.


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