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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Release plugin snapshot dependency resolution
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2010 01:39:04 GMT

On 30/09/2010, at 7:05 PM, Marcus Linke wrote:

> For my own usecase where we have strongly coupled projects and usually
> changes are made in both projects we desire behavior b) but other users
> would like prefer behavior a).

Understood, but we're talking about the default behaviour, and it seems clear that it should
be discouraging strongly coupled projects. If they are released together all the time, you're
much better off to put them in the same release unit and release in one move.

> This depends on the project structure i
> think. So this behavior should be configurable by the user (maybe as a
> plugin?). This would give us the possibility to define the desired
> behavior per project. One would argue that switching to the next snapshot
> is not the responsibility of the release plugin but for my own usecase
> manually switching the dependencies to the next development version is
> tedious and error-prone. One solution could be to integrate functionality
> of the maven-versions-plugin here that collects its version information
> from the real repository and allows the user to define the desired
> behavior.
> Any Comments?

In that practice, it's probably best you use the versions plugin you've described as part
of your release process. I think integrating it into the release plugin is probably overkill.

Thanks for your contribution to the issues!

- Brett

Brett Porter

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