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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: Updating the release plan for Assembly Plugin
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 18:29:34 GMT
On 2010-10-04 18:44, John Casey wrote:
> Sorry I missed this thread before...
> On 9/15/10 1:28 PM, Dennis Lundberg wrote:
>> Hi
>> I saw that John added with
>> a wish for Java 1.5. This is fine, but I think we need to discuss the
>> contents of the coming versions.
>> Over the last year or so I've tried to get rid of as many alpha and beta
>> plugins as possible. We are now down to only 4 remaining, and the
>> Assembly plugin is one of them. In my opinion alpha and beta versions of
>> plugins only adds to the version confusion for our users.
>> Now to the Assembly plugin. Here's what we have in JIRA:
>> 2.2-beta-6: 4 out of 23 issues fixed
>> 2.2:        0 out of 14 issues fixed
>> 2.3-beta-1: 0 out of 14 issues fixed
>> I propose that we shuffle these around:
>> - Skip 2.2-beta-6, the next version will be 2.2
>> - 2.2 will contain the 4 issues already solved for 2.2-beta-6, and
>> anything else (small) that we can cram in there without disturbing too
>> much. Remember that it won't be beta any more :-)
>> - The version after that will be 2.3 (not a beta), which will require
>> Java 1.5
> IMO, we've got a base version of Maven 2.x that's been out for what? two
> years? ...and it requires 1.5. Using generics makes the code _much_
> cleaner, as do things like varargs, so I think it's worthwhile to make
> this switch for the 2.2 release instead of waiting.

Maven 2.2.0 has been out for about 15 months, and I'm sure that there
are people who haven't upgraded to it yet for whatever reasons.

That being said, I do agree that generics makes our life so much easier.

> What's the big advantage to holding this back?

Having a Java 1.4 compatible (non-beta) version of the assembly plugin
for those users would have been nice touch.

However I think that rolling back the things that you have already
committed in terms of Java 1.5 conversions would be too painful. Let's
use Java 1.5 in the Assembly Plugin 2.2.

>> - If necessary 2.2.x releases can be branched off, while trunk continues
>> towards 2.3
>> Comments?
> At any rate, my first attempt to release the 2.2 version of this plugin
> has failed with a problem unit test on windows. If we need to discuss
> this further, we have an opportunity.

Dennis Lundberg

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