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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: Updating the release plan for Assembly Plugin
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2010 16:44:22 GMT
Sorry I missed this thread before...

On 9/15/10 1:28 PM, Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> Hi
> I saw that John added with
> a wish for Java 1.5. This is fine, but I think we need to discuss the
> contents of the coming versions.
> Over the last year or so I've tried to get rid of as many alpha and beta
> plugins as possible. We are now down to only 4 remaining, and the
> Assembly plugin is one of them. In my opinion alpha and beta versions of
> plugins only adds to the version confusion for our users.
> Now to the Assembly plugin. Here's what we have in JIRA:
> 2.2-beta-6: 4 out of 23 issues fixed
> 2.2:        0 out of 14 issues fixed
> 2.3-beta-1: 0 out of 14 issues fixed
> I propose that we shuffle these around:
> - Skip 2.2-beta-6, the next version will be 2.2
> - 2.2 will contain the 4 issues already solved for 2.2-beta-6, and
> anything else (small) that we can cram in there without disturbing too
> much. Remember that it won't be beta any more :-)
> - The version after that will be 2.3 (not a beta), which will require
> Java 1.5

IMO, we've got a base version of Maven 2.x that's been out for what? two 
years? ...and it requires 1.5. Using generics makes the code _much_ 
cleaner, as do things like varargs, so I think it's worthwhile to make 
this switch for the 2.2 release instead of waiting.

What's the big advantage to holding this back?

> - If necessary 2.2.x releases can be branched off, while trunk continues
> towards 2.3
> Comments?

At any rate, my first attempt to release the 2.2 version of this plugin 
has failed with a problem unit test on windows. If we need to discuss 
this further, we have an opportunity.

John Casey
Developer, PMC Member - Apache Maven (

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