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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Re: Maven 3.0 and Aether
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 05:13:14 GMT
You can add

to your reader/whatever, it's a a commit feed. But I also suppose this
information should be added to some kind of page describing how/what to
do with external dependencies (on a slightly more general basis). Is
there such a page ?


on., 06.10.2010 kl. 06.35 +0200, skrev Hervé BOUTEMY:
> I like the rewrite of dependency resolution component. And I perfectly 
> understand the objective of hosting it apart from Maven: I hope to see another 
> aether-provider implementation that shows success of this strategy.
> I have no doubt that if a Maven committer needs to improve Aether, it's easy 
> to start with github fork, then he'll get necessary karma on Aether canonical 
> repo as needed. And a lot of things can be done in maven-aether-provider (a 
> lot of extensions can be done with actual API).
> I know that maven-aether-provider actually is missing unit tests because 
> everything is tested in Aether itself and in core ITs: when I have time, I'll 
> try to initiate unit tests so that impact of Aether changes on Maven core is 
> more visible.
> But after a few months living with Aether, I have a problem to follow the 
> components' modifications: I discover Aether changes only when I see in a 
> commit mail that Maven core pom.xml integrates a new version af Aether. Having 
> a mail on each Aether commit is really missing me.
> Can Aether send a mail on every commit to, since this 
> component is really crucial for Maven?
> Regards,
> Hervé
> Le mardi 5 octobre 2010, Ralph Goers a écrit :
> > -0.  I have the same objection to Aether that I noted when it was
> > introduced. It is now much more difficult for me to enhance dependency
> > resolution in Maven to include metadata beyond what the Aether api
> > supports since Aether is not part of Maven.
> > 
> > Ralph
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