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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: mea culpa
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 21:04:39 GMT
It seems that there were no net changes after this series of commits. 
There were some new revisions applied to the following plugins:

- ejb
- linkcheck
- pdf
- antrun

If you find any problems related to these plugins, let me know and I'll 
be happy to address them.


On 9/21/10 4:37 PM, John Casey wrote:
> I've been working on the next version of the maven-assembly-plugin by
> using the ASF github location for maven-plugins. I got several commits
> queued up, did a `git svn rebase` and followed that with a `git svn
> dcommit`. Now, it looks like there may be a lot of collateral damage to
> other plugins.
> The dcommit is still working, but once it's finished and the dust clears
> I'll go check out what I messed up, and get it fixed.
> Sorry for the inconvenience.
> -john

John Casey
Developer, PMC Member - Apache Maven (

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