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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Maven Site Plugin 3.0-beta-1 for maven 3
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 20:19:07 GMT
On 2010-08-10 13:03, Olivier Lamy wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for review.
> So here it looks I have two choices :
> * delay again having a site plugin for maven3 (as I'm not available
> for 2 weeks : it could be delayed for 3/4 weeks)
> * push a release with a -1 vote (which it's not blocker).
> So currently, I choose the second option and will push an other
> release (including fixes for your comment) in 3/4 weeks.

As the release manager, the decision is yours to make, since there seems
to be more +1 than -1 votes.

> Sure : you can say why ?
> My choice is push this to have a first "beta" full stack for maven 3.
> Too much users doesn't upgrade and/or complains due to the missing
> site plugin for maven 3.
> So certainly, we will have issues on this version.
> But as it's impossible to get a full tests/its suite for all various
> projects which use maven in the world, this release will a be good
> start to have more issues reporting.

No release is perfect, but I feel that what we have now is not yet ready
to be released.

> So having a -0 vote for such beta could be a better choice (IMHO).

Well, I disagree. To me a -1 vote means that the voter doesn't think the
release should be done. -0 is more like "you should have thought about
these issues before starting the release, but go ahead and release anyway"

> BTW thanks for your docs merging !

Sure thing.

May I suggest that you do not deploy the site for Site plugin 3.0-beta-1
at all, since it doesn't contain anything that isn't already published
in the 2.1.1 site.

Instead of putting the plugin URL in the release notes e-mail, you could
use the URL to wiki page that you wrote. Perhaps linking the related
wiki pages together? So we keep the docs for this release purely on the
wiki, and for the next release we integrate the wiki pages into the
plugin site.

Can you also please add something to the migration page on the wiki
about the missing features (proxy and webdav) I mentioned below.

> 2010/8/10 Dennis Lundberg <>:
>> I vote -1 to release the Site Plugin as it is staged.
>> Here are my reasons:
>> * The site for 3.0-beta-1 is hopelessly outdated. It's files are from
>> before the 2.1 version was released. This means that important pointers
>> about the Doxia upgrade is missing. The POM snippets has hardcoded
>> versions (2.0.x versions). These are just examples. I've tried to merge
>> over all of the changes to the site from trunk to the 3.x-branch. See
>> commits@ for details. We also need to have a good migration document on
>> the plugin's site to help users transition from version 2.x. Oliver has
>> started such a document on the wiki, but in my opinion it needs to be in
>> the plugin's site. I'm willing to help fix the documentation.
>> * There is close to no Javadocs for the 6 new classes. If we are to
>> support the code the person who wrote it must document it properly. We
>> have done poorly in this regard earlier and it's time to change that.
> Sure and it looks I'm this person :-)
>> * If I read the code correctly in the SiteDeployMojo and
>> SiteStageDeployMojo, proxy support (including tests for it) has been
>> disabled. If we release without proxy support it has to be a conscious
>> decision and it has to be documented.
>> * A comment in the POM in relation to wagon says "disabled webdav ..."
>> and "providers not anymore in core". Does that mean that you cannot
>> deploy the site over webdav? I haven't tried it myself, as I don't have
>> a webdav server available for testing.
>> On 2010-08-07 21:54, Olivier Lamy wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> In order to have a good companion to the coming Apache Maven 3.0-beta-2 release.
>>> I'd like to release Maven Site Plugin 3.0-beta-1 for maven 3.
>>> We solved 10 issues :
>>> Staging repo:
>>> Guide to testing staged releases:
>>> Notes :
>>> * this release has been build using the staged Apache Maven 3.0-beta-2
>>> (so you must use the staged repository [1] )
>>> * some informations can be found [2], specially how to configure your
>>> pom in order to be able to continue building site with both maven 2.x
>>> and maven 3.
>>> Vote open for 72 hours.
>>> [ ] +1
>>> [ ] +0
>>> [ ] -1
>>> +1 from me
>> --
>> Dennis Lundberg
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Dennis Lundberg

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