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From Arnaud Héritier <>
Subject Re: Merging in our Aether and Guice changes to Maven 3.x
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2010 21:26:06 GMT

  Here is my position about these proposals.

  Guice : I understand it will replace the IOC part of plexus. More important changes in Maven
will be done in Maven (>3.0) to fully use the JSR and Guice itself. For now it is just
a technical switch between IOC containers and we need more real life tests to validate it.
Thus +1 for it ASAP. 

  Aether : Like others I would prefer to have seen a development done by our community to
replace our current stack which is unstable and complex. That's not the case (for many reasons)
and you (Jason/Sonatype) proposes a new library you developed and you'll lead in the future.
As it was said it will be a library like any other and we have to choice to take it or not
inside Maven. PRO is its potential quality compared to the existing one (I didn't yet checked
that's why I don't confirm), and CONs is the fact we delegate a part of our code outside with
all problems it could creates (lifecycles not coherent with maven needs, ..). The fact this
one is driven by the same set of people who are maintaining actively the core is for me a
positive point. And myself I have nothing better to propose. Like many others I have less
and less time to give to Maven (Since 1 year I more focused on the community than on its development)
thus I see this proposal as the better choice we have for now. Thus let's go for it. My +1.


On Aug 3, 2010, at 8:21 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:

> Hi,
> We have two major pieces that we, Sonatype, would like to merge into Maven 3.x trunk.
> The first are the Guice changes that we've been talking about for a while, and the second
is the introduction of Aether which is our second attempt at a stand-alone repository API.
The PMC is aware of Aether as Brian reported it in our quarterly report to the Apache Board,
but other developers who are not on the PMC and the community in general might not know much
about it.
> I just posted an entry giving a very high level description:
> There is a resources section at the bottom of the post for those interested in the sources,
issue tracking, wiki and mailing lists. As part of some of the research we are about to embark
on with Daniel Le Berre, Aether will likely look more like p2 as time passes and as a final
resting place the Eclipse Foundation is more likely then Apache. I know people will ask so
I'm answering that now. Sonatype is just about to fully move Tycho over the Eclipse Foundation
and we want to see how that goes. If that works, then M2Eclipse is next, and then Aether will
> At any rate we would like to merge these changes in and make plans to release 3.0-beta-2.

> So please let us know if you have any objections.
> Thanks,
> Jason
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Jason van Zyl
> Founder,  Apache Maven
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> First, the taking in of scattered particulars under one Idea,
> so that everyone understands what is being talked about ... Second,
> the separation of the Idea into parts, by dividing it at the joints,
> as nature directs, not breaking any limb in half as a bad carver might.
>  -- Plato, Phaedrus (Notes on the Synthesis of Form by C. Alexander)

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