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From sebb <>
Subject Re: A legal-ish question
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 10:35:54 GMT
On 11/06/2010, Kristian Rosenvold <> wrote:
> I have a memoizer
>  ( that
>  I'd like to include "somewhere" in our code base. It's like 30 lines of
>  code or so.
>  Ï've seen this snippet of code (or extremely minor permutations of it)
>  appear a number of places, under various lisence headers, for instance:
>  What's the appropriate thing to do IP-wise wrt including such a piece of
>  code ? The specific implementation I've linked to appears on page 108 of
>  the "Java Concurrency in practice" book.

If you want to include this in ASF code, then IMO this question should
be asked on the ASF legal-discuss list.

Note: the covering description page [1] for the code says

 Written by Brian Goetz and Tim Peierls with assistance from members of
    JCP JSR-166 Expert Group and released to the public domain, as explained at

>  This is a *real hard* piece of code to get right, so I'm not about to
>  write my own.

+1 to that!


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