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From Ramiro Pereira de Magalhaes <>
Subject Re: Maven Eclipse plugin
Date Sat, 01 May 2010 14:44:04 GMT
On 30-04-2010 01:11, Barrie Treloar wrote:
> 2010/4/30 Ramiro Pereira de Magalhães<>:
>> Hey there people!
>> I work for a company that uses Eclipse and Maven a lot, therefore, I use a lot the
maven-eclipse-plugin. I'm starting to need some improvements made and fixes done for this
plugin, therefor I joined this mailing list to try to help you guys improve it. I hope I can
help somehow.
>> In fact, I uploaded some patches for issues I'd like to have solved (MECLIPSE-636)
and I hope to soon contribute with MECLIPSE-537, MECLIPSE-506, MECLIPSE-463 and some others.
Is there someone that I may communicate with to help me understand certain parts of the code?
Also, is there someone who is responsible to commiting the fixes to the repository?
>> Looking forward to collaborate with the Maven community,
>> Ramiro Pereira de Magalhães
> Looking at the comments for (MECLIPSE-537, MECLIPSE-506, MECLIPSE-463)
> they all appear to be issues with the version of maven in use rather
> than being m-e-p problems.
> Feel free to create integration tests for these issues to show they
> are no longer a problem.
> For MECLIPSE-636 if you have created an integration test for it then
> you have a much better chance of getting it patched.
> There are about 3 of us that work intermittently on m-e-p.
> The best way to catch our attention is to mail this list like you have.
> Preferrable with a subject like "Maven Eclipse Plugin:<bug id>".
> The keyword eclipse will at least flag my emails as something for me
> to look at and helps me find stuff amongst all the messages on the
> list.
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Indeed, everything is working fine on later versions of Maven, like 
2.2.1. I'll try to work on those integration tests you mentioned.

Ramiro Pereira de Magalhães

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