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From Henrique Prange <>
Subject Re: Compilation problem with Maven 3.0-beta-1
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 20:32:21 GMT
Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your response.

On 29/04/10 14:14, Benjamin Bentmann wrote:
> Henrique Prange wrote:
>> I've tried to build a project with multiple modules using Maven
>> 3.0-beta-1 unsuccessfully. I got some weird compilation problems
> "weird compilation problems" belong to those kind of problems that are
> nearly impossible to troubleshoot. Concrete solutions require concrete
> error logs.

I've checked Maven logs carefully and discovered something that can be 
the cause of the problem.

When building from the parent module using Maven 3, the following 
classpath entry has been produced:


And the produced classpath entry for the same build using Maven 2.2.1:


Note the file extension is wrong. It should be .jar instead of .woframework.

Project Wonder uses a 3rd party plug-in [1] to build woframework 
artifacts. WOFrameworks artifacts are JAR files with a special directory 

So, is it a Maven 3 problem? Is it a problem in the 3rd party plug-in? 
Is there any known required modification that must be made on plug-ins 
that provide lifecycle enhancements?

Attached is the entire log of the build failure just in case.

>> By the way, it is an open source project and you can check the
>> configuration here [1].

>> [1]
> My quick attempt to build this failed with both Maven 2.x and 3.x due to
> an unresolvable dependency on com.webobjects:JavaFoundation:jar that
> can't be found in any repository being.

Sorry for that. I can't host those libraries because of license issues. :(

> Bottom line: Unless you provide comprehensive details about the error or
> a minimal example project to reproduce the issue, this problem can't be
> analyzed further.
> The one thing I noticed is that your build doesn't lock down plugin
> versions which makes it generally non-reproducible and could explain
> build differences between Maven 2.x and 3.x due different plugin default
> versions.

Sure. I'm checking Maven 3 warnings to fix these kind of problems.

Thank you very much.




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