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From Manfred Moser <>
Subject Maven Android Plugin release train
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 02:46:24 GMT
Hi All,

Hugo, Ricardo and myself have just released a new set of components
for working with Maven and Android.

If you are interested in Android and Maven please join us on the Maven
Android Developers mailing list. at

We hope to see you on the list. We are looking forward to feedback and
input from developers and users of the components alike.


Following are the announcements

We have just released version 2.3.3 of the Maven Android Plugin.
It is a bug fix mainly needed for those who use dependencies in their
projects, and are using either Eclipse or Maven 3 from command line.
(The m2eclipse plugin uses Maven 3 internally.)
There is also a first fix for including libraries built with the
Android NDK. You still need to use the NDK as normal, but we now pick
up the libs directory if it's there.
Thank you Sergey Rudchenko and Ricardo Gladwell for fixing these
Details and links on the Changelog:
By the way:
If you have downloaded and installed the latest revision of the
Android SDK, and are specifying an <sdk><platform>1.5</platform></sdk>
or similar; you need to change that to <sdk><platform>3</platform></
sdk> or equivalent. This is because they changed the default directory
structure of the Android SDK.

Ricardo Gladwell  	
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 More options Mar 29, 4:52 am
Hi All
I just released version 0.2.3 of Maven Integration for Android
Development Tools (m2eclipse-android-integration): an Eclipse plug-in
adding integration support for M2Eclipse with the Android Developer
Tools (ADT) and the Maven Android Plugin.
With the m2eclipse-android-integration plug-in you can continue to build
your Android projects in Eclipse while taking advantage of Maven's
powerful project management features, including automatic project
configuration and dependency management.
The Getting Started wiki page details how to install and use the
This is the first public beta release in anticipation of a fully working
0.3.0 release so it maybe buggy. If you find any issues or missing
features please report them here:
Or just send an email to the mailing list:
I like to thank Hugo Josefson for his valuable help with, and generous
contributions, to the code. This release coincides with the 2.3.3
release of his Android Maven Plugin:


Hi all!

I have just released the latest version of the Maven Android SDK
Deployer that handles all the folder renames that occured in the
Android SDK.
Full change log

- upgraded naming for platforms to new naming convention with latest
sdk release (r5) and changes that happened recently
  with the naming (as of 2010-03-23) so that platform folder are now
named android-7, where e.g. 7 is the API level 7
  that equals 2.1
- removed support for platform 1.1, since it marked as obsolete now
- removed support for platform 2.0, since it is replaced by 2.0.1 and
also marked obsolete, therefore there is no
  google addon api level 5 anymore either...
- removed profile for 1.1
- updated documentation accordingly

Get the deployer at

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