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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Eclipse Plugin 2.8 Released
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2010 16:46:10 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Eclipse 
Plugin, version 2.8.

This plugin is used to generate Eclipse IDE files (*.classpath, 
*.wtpmodules and the .settings folder) for use with a project. Please 
see the plugin's site for details:

To use the updated plugin in your projects, you need to add the
following snippet to the plugins or plugin management section of your POM:


To use the updated plugin from command line, add the flag -U the next 
time you invoke "mvn eclipse:eclipse" in order to have Maven check for 
the update and download it.

Release Notes - Maven 2.x Eclipse Plugin - Version 2.8

** Bug
     * [MECLIPSE-368] - Dependency configuration in DependencyManagement 
with exclusions is ignored
     * [MECLIPSE-492] - Maven Eclipse Plugin does not take 
dependencyManagement excludes into account when building eclipse CP 
     * [MECLIPSE-558] - Ignoring listed AspectJ dependencies
     * [MECLIPSE-568] - Some compile dependencies are not added to 
.classpath since 2.6
     * [MECLIPSE-569] - eclipse:eclipse does not add all libraries to 
     * [MECLIPSE-584] - No eclipse classpath entries generated for 
aspectj dependencies
     * [MECLIPSE-603] - Exclusions are not applied on transitive 
     * [MECLIPSE-631] - [Maven 3] Integration test project-44 fails with 
Unable to resolve resource location: /checkstyle-config.xml
     * [MECLIPSE-633] - [Maven 3] j2ee-simple integration test fails
     * [MECLIPSE-637] - mvn eclipse:to-maven deploy to nexus fails if 
nexus security is active

** New Feature
     * [MECLIPSE-156] - Plugin should support setting file encoding
     * [MECLIPSE-178] - symbolic links need to able to be specified in 
the pom

** Task
     * [MECLIPSE-594] - set AJDT version parameter to none by default
     * [MECLIPSE-632] - Add markers in the generated project files that 
can identify them as being created by the maven-eclipse-plugin


-The Maven team

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