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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject Re: custom maven plugin default phase
Date Sat, 20 Feb 2010 18:25:40 GMT

Sent from my [rhymes with tryPod] ;-)

On 20 Feb 2010, at 15:56, tbee <> wrote:

> jvanzyl wrote:
>> Most people we deal don't actually find that, it's usually not  
>> understand
>> the tool and the impatient find it easier to roll their own solution.
> During my research I found many developers of well know open source  
> projects
> tried and failed migrating to Maven.

I have migrated a large number of builds to maven. some quite complex,  
some quite simple... in every case migrating the build usually takes  
me about a day or two max... where the problems occur are with project  
builds which have stuctural problems that other build tools make easy  
to retain

an example is where you have circular dependencies among jar files...  
this is typically seen with ANT builds where you can just compile  
_everything_ in one go, and then create the jars with selective  

another example is where there is poor dependency management,  
encouraged by the "just bung all the deps into the lib folder"...

but these kind of build problems are generic build problems, get rid  
of then and migrating between build tools becomes easy... nit just  
migrating to maven

> After all that is why Ivy came to be,
> and Gradle and all the other Maven derivates. If there is smoke,  
> then there
> is a fire. It can't be that all these developers are too impatient.  
> Hell,
> I'm on this migration thing for about 3 months now. Maven simply is  
> fairly
> complex; I'm busy migrating our medium sized projects and after  
> three months
> I'm still fine tuning. And my first attempt at a custom plugin  
> immediately
> runs into difficulties immediatly.
> One observation; in ANT I tell my build system how to go from A to  
> Z. If I
> look at my pom file, I do not see the "A to Z" , but I see almost  
> every step
> configured. I see A, libraries, because I want a copy for the EDI. I  
> see B,
> compiling, because I have to specify the source version, etc. So  
> even though
> the build script does not contain the exact sequence, it in core  
> pom.xml
> contains the same information as build.xml.
> The Maven concept is good, don't misunderstand me, but at the moment  
> it is
> too much EJB2 and not enough EJB3, as a metaphore. If you guys are  
> able to
> do two things for Maven 3:
> - make it easy to extend or override behavior, add easy plugins  
> including
> default behavior (looping back to the origin of this thread)
> - make the configuration more compact
> Then things should be quite different.
> jvanzyl wrote:
>> So you can either help fix the lacking implementation, or roll  
>> something
>> no one else in the world is going to understand.
> You make a compelling point. But considering the knowledge gap  
> between you,
> the developers of Maven, and me, that is too idealistic. I simply do  
> not
> pretend to have the knowledge to make enterprise level design  
> decisions on
> this. My projects are medium in size. But if you guys can make a  
> good rack,
> then I most certainly can put the jackets on.
> Can I try the Maven 3 feature already?
> -- 
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