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From Brian Fox <>
Subject Nexus Indexer code donation
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 02:04:55 GMT
Since it was first published several years ago, the Nexus Maven
Repository Index has become the defacto standard for gathering
information about remote repositories and is currently in use by all
the repository managers and IDE integrations. The Nexus index of
Central is currently downloaded more than 2 million times a month,
consisting of >12TB of data a month.

The index as I see it consists of two things: 1) The binary format
that is used for the transport and 2) the code that produces and
consumes the binary format. This code has been exclusively developed
at Sonatype and is currently EPL licensed. We feel that
interoperability is a key driver of the Maven ecosystem and the index
should be included. We would like to propose relicensing the code to
ASL and donate it to the Maven project where it can become part of the
official Maven repository standard. We have been gathering
documentation about the Index here[1]

In addition to that, we have created a metadata format that is used to
convey key pieces of information about a repository. You can read more
about it in my comments here[2]. We would like to contribute this code
as well, since this will further aid interoperability.

Once we get this completed, we will have a good start to being able to
produce a TCK that can be used to test and certify interoperability of
various clients.


All the Indexer IP is owned by Sonatype and there are only three
active developers that aren't currently Maven Committers, so this
should be pretty easy process wise. Assuming no one has concerns
accepting this code into the project, I'll move forward with the
various formal votes and paperwork.

Brian Fox
Chair, Apache Maven PMC
VP Eng. Sonatype, Inc.

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