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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Effect of direct plugin invocation on model
Date Sun, 10 Jan 2010 19:48:54 GMT

On 11/01/2010, at 5:47 AM, Benjamin Bentmann wrote:

> Brett Porter wrote:
>> From an execution PoV, I would still expect my pluginManagement blocks to apply to
a plugin called on the command line that is not otherwise in the POM. However, if this makes
things too complicated and we want to require a change to include the plugin in the POM as
well as the management for it to apply - that is probably ok if it is documented.
> Please don't mix different aspects here. I have not asked how a plugin should be configured
when it gets executed. My question is about how
>  MavenProject.getModel()
> should look like. This is related but nevertheless independent from plugin configuration.

That's why I answered addressing both aspects :) If the execution side still works that way,
that's great. It may still impact how you want the API to look for consistency.

Sorry, so having trouble distilling my thoughts - something tells me that getModel() might
need to return the 'runtime' model for most compatibility, and a more distinct method name
(say, getResolvedModel()) is needed for the one that should always look the same, but I'm
not convinced as in a green field I'd prefer the 'runtime' model be the 'optional' one and
as I said before, maybe not even necessary. Also coming to mind is that -D and environmental
factors from profile activation probably affect the model you get back as well?

What is the original use case that led to the bug? I'm wondering if it is sane and needs the
runtime info, or if it actually should have just the POM as fully resolved from the repo.


Brett Porter

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