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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Nexus Indexer code donation
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 07:43:09 GMT

On 07/01/2010, at 1:04 PM, Brian Fox wrote:

> We would like to propose relicensing the code to
> ASL and donate it to the Maven project where it can become part of the
> official Maven repository standard. We have been gathering
> documentation about the Index here[1]

A huge +1 - I've been in favour of at least standardising the format here for a couple of
years and this is an even better step. That's great news.

> In addition to that, we have created a metadata format that is used to
> convey key pieces of information about a repository. You can read more
> about it in my comments here[2]. We would like to contribute this code
> as well, since this will further aid interoperability.

Again +1, your comments today prompted me to ask this but you beat me to it. I think we had
a long standing issue to create some root repository metadata so adopting this as a standard
makes sense so that they don't diverge. It'd be great to get the mirroring support into the
core of Maven as well.

> All the Indexer IP is owned by Sonatype and there are only three
> active developers that aren't currently Maven Committers, so this
> should be pretty easy process wise. Assuming no one has concerns
> accepting this code into the project, I'll move forward with the
> various formal votes and paperwork.

What is your proposal here - did you want to vote those 3 people in as committers on the basis
of the contribution, or will the existing committers apply patches until the rest of us get
to know them? (I don't know who they are, so we may already). Funnily enough these alternatives
have been a current topic on general@incubator for other projects :)


Brett Porter

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