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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r894145 [1/2] - in /maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-providers/maven-scm-providers-git: ./ maven-scm-provider-jgit/ maven-scm-provider-jgit/src/ maven-scm-provider-jgit/src/main/ maven-scm-provider-jgit/src/main/java/ maven-scm-provider-jgit
Date Tue, 29 Dec 2009 01:18:06 GMT
On 29/12/2009, at 9:34 AM, Mark Struberg wrote:

> maybe I should have mentioned: the jgit-simple was written by me. But I only combined
fragments of existing code I found in jgit-core (plus Jason and Shawn Pearce helped me), so
this has also BSD license. Since we host this on sonatype, we only have to ask Jason to release
it. But this is only possible after Shawn releases his jgit-core module ...

Maybe it should be in the sandbox in the mean time then?

- Brett

Brett Porter

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