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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Maven 2.2.2 soon?
Date Wed, 30 Dec 2009 01:45:19 GMT

On 2009-12-29, at 8:05 PM, Arnaud HERITIER wrote:

>>> What I recall discussing with Brian at ApacheCon was having a new project
>> descriptor but making sure that when projects are installed or deployed a
>> pom compatible with the current format would also be deployed along with the
>> new descriptor. If the new project descriptor allows extension then this
>> could continue to work as things change.
>> Yah, I think we've been beating this around for a while... in my mind, it's
>> still a unified repository metadata format that the POM translates to (and a
>> parallel 4.0.0 POM / maven-metadata for old clients).
>> It seems like that and the POM and the deprecations can be the single focus
>> for 3.1... we just need to ship "Snow Maven" at this point so we can move on
>> to new things.
> Do we have in 3.0 a mechanism to have a constraint when we develop a plugin
> to say that it requires a minimal version of POM.

I would argue this should never happen in the future. A plugin should define what it needs
in its own configuration. I'm also going to push for getting plugin specific POM elements
back into the plugins that operate on that data. Like pushing the resources elements into
the resources plugin, the distribution management information back into the deploy plugin,
source roots to the compiler plugin and anything akin to it. It's the only way to continue
scaling. There are changes that need to be made to the POM but I really don't want to see
proliferation of POM elements to service specific plugins.

I don't agree with Ralph that there needs to be a general POM extension mechanism. It's going
to happen primarily inside plugins.

> Let's imagine we add a new data in the pom in 4.1.0 and a plugin needs to
> use them, thus maven shouldn't automatically check when it load a plugin
> that it is compatible with the POM version.

Sure, we can augment whatever is necessary in preparation for 3.1.

> Another question about 3.0, did we reintroduce // dowloads ? I think it
> wasn't here in the last alpha.

One form of it is in the Jetty Wagon we have at Sonatype. There is a new interface called
the RepositorySystem which encapsulates everything with far fewer interfaces then the legacy
system. We also have another set of interfaces which is a complete internal replacement. Benjamin
has this on a branch. So if someone wants to try and implement or backport Don's work then
that's cool too. If we want to get a 3.0 sometime around the beginning of February then I'm
not sure that will make it into 3.0. Might be soon after that.

I'm still more in favour IT quality, getting the JIRA issues cleaned up and getting out the

If people want this released soonish and want specific features then speak now and commit
your time.

> Arnaud



Jason van Zyl
Founder,  Apache Maven

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