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From Brian Fox <>
Subject Re: voting was: [VOTE] Release Apache Maven 3.0-alpha-5
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 14:40:49 GMT
> I'm also not pushing for duration for "testing" purposes. That's part of it, but as Jason
>automation can reduce the need over time (though it's never going to be 100% so there's
some value
>in testing). However, it is mostly for an opportunity to review changes. If we do "8 releases
a day",

8 releases a day or even 2 a day is just a straw man setup to refute
the speed of releases. Noone is really going to do that at Apache
because it's pointless, so it's pointless to even discuss it.

If the releases are coming out too fast for you, don't test them if
you don't want. The rules say at least 3 PMC must vote, but it most
certainly does not say ALL PMCs must vote on every release. I haven't
had time to look at every one so I haven't voted. I only vote on
things I've checked out and that's what every PMC member has the
responsibility to do. The Apache requirements state that we need to
validate the basics like license, buildability of the source bundle
etc. It does not mean we have to manually QA every bit, although
generally people do make sure it does in fact work. All these things
can be automated, and they will be shortly on r.a.o. If that satisfies
your criteria, then you can use that to vote. The rules don't say
exactly how you have to make up your mind, it's up to you.

I'm actually surprised that people are complaining about weekly
releases. If I thought it was worth the time, I could find hundreds of
requests to release faster. Sheesh.


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