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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Handling of repositories in POMs of dependencies
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 11:52:21 GMT

following a comment by Wendy on JIRA, I wanted to re-check what our 
plans are for repositories in dependency POMs. In more detail, how is 
dependency resolution in Maven 3.x expected to work here:

    project ---depends-on---> A ---depends-on---> B

where the POM of A declares the repository R hosting B.

Now, when it comes to resolve B's POM/JAR (and its transitive 
dependencies) in the context of building the project, should Maven 3 
also consider R (like currently done in Maven 2) or only those 
repositories that are available for the root of the dependency graph, 
i.e. the repositories declared in the POM of the project and the settings?

Besides the question of the degree of backward-compat we want to keep, 
the issue with ignoring the repositories declared in dependency POMs I 
see is the effect on open source projects and their consumers. If one 
project consumes the artifacts of another, do we want the first project 
to redeclare all repositories required to resolve the transitive 
dependencies of the second project? Some arguments for the other side 
can be found in [1].

So, where do we want to go with this?



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