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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject Re: error while trying to stage maven ear plugin 2.4 site
Date Fri, 16 Oct 2009 10:31:29 GMT
Stephane Nicoll wrote:

> I am trying to stage the ear plugin v 2.4. So far so good but I have
> the following error when I try to generate the site (with -Preporting)
> [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [INFO] Error during page generation
> Embedded error: Error rendering Maven report: Failed during checkstyle
> configuration
> Unable to instantiate JavadocPackageCheck

The configuration for the maven-checkstyle-plugin fetches the rules 
directly from SVN and apparently the changes made to maven_checks.xml 
for MCHECKSTYLE-105 are not compatible with Checkstyle 4. Until we have 
fixed the parent POM, all our releases will suffer from this. A 
workaround is to add


to the plugin POM, making the plugin load the rules from its own JAR.

> Can I proceed with the release vote with the stage site without
> reports or should we need to fix this first?

As long as the essential bits of the site (usage, goals, examples) are 
eventually deployed, that's fine with me.


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