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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [maven-scm] RFC fetch/push URL format
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 10:50:10 GMT

Git and a few other SCMs are able to use 2 different URLs for reading from a server and writing
to a server.

For Git this is called fetch-URL and push-URL, and most DCMS like hg have the same functionality.
An example would be to fetch via http and to push via ssh.

This is not currently supported in the maven-scm URLs currently used. We already have an idea
how we could enable scm-provider specific extensions in the pom somehow, but maybe we don't
need to do this.

Currently a git <scm> url looks like:

What about the following extension

So we introduce 2 new tags :fetch: and :push: which may be parsed by the underlying scm provider.
This technique can be used for whatever scm-provider which is able to use separate URLs for
write and read operations. Ideally we should create a helper functions somewhere which does
the parsing stuff and returns 2 URLs in the original format.

If the old style (only 1 URL without fetch or push) is used, we simply use this URL for both

This should easily also work for maven2




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