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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Version Comparison Edge Case
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2009 02:26:37 GMT

On 16/09/2009, at 8:18 PM, Benjamin Bentmann wrote:

> Ignoring for the moment that neither "3.0-!" nor "3.0.0.!" are OSGi- 
> conformant versions, the OSGi version ordering also implies
>  3.0 == 3.0.0 < < 3.0.0.GA < 3.0.0.SNAPSHOT
> So I'm not sure how much we can borrow from OSGi for Maven.

IIUC, The code that Hervé pointed to now has a number of workarounds  
so that OSGi works in most of its current uses, and Maven versions  
work in most of its current uses - but it doesn't conform to the spec  
of either. ie, alpha, beta, rc, cr, milestone and snapshot are all  
before the release, the rest after. I think this would have been a  
good idea if we'd done it to start with, but I'm sure there are weird  
versions out there that might cause confusion (only mediated by the  
fact that people don't use ranges all that often).

I think there are 3 options here:
- keep adding more special cases in the version comparer for things  
like !
- declare a break in compat (this may result in having to make  
repository changes to preserve functionality though in a mixed  
- restore the Maven 2 behaviour and make each place a range is used  
configurable so that OSGi can be used as an alternatives - for example  
- osgi:[x.y.z.q,) vs mvn:[x.y.z,)

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