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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Extend Mojo API to allow for resolution of multiple dependency scopes
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 21:36:06 GMT
Brian Fox wrote:

> Perhaps what is needed is the addition of a
> few more "resolution scope" tags that a plugin could ask for. I mean,
> how many combinations aren't already covered by the existing scopes?
> If it's small and adding one or two more might be easier to support
> and maintain than allowing a list of them...

Sure, a new "resolution scope" should do as well. I think we really only 
talk about a single new scope here, namely the combination of compile 
and runtime, say "compile+runtime", "compile-plus-runtime" or <please 
insert your well tasting name for the new scope here> such that we 
provide plugins the following resolution scenarios:

          | compile | runtime | compile+runtime |  test
system   |    X    |         |        X        |    X
provided |    X    |         |        X        |    X
compile  |    X    |    X    |        X        |    X
runtime  |         |    X    |        X        |    X
test     |         |         |                 |    X

I'm currently not aware of use cases that would require additional 

> Also, is there any potential conflict
> between what is resolved based on scope? If so, allowing lists might
> make that even more indeterminate.

I'm not sure what kind of conflict you had in mind, when I proposed a 
list of resolution scopes, I intended to logically OR them.

To summarize, is something like

   @requiresDependencyResolution <our-new-super-cool-scope>

a thing we all feel confident with? I.e. we would use the existing anno 
and plugins wanting to use the new resolution scope would simply bump 
their prerequisite on Maven.


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