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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject Re: maven-eclipse-plugin failing on hudson - help needed.
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2009 21:03:23 GMT
Barrie Treloar wrote:

> This builds fine on my machine (windows xp) and on
> I dont know why this is failing on hudson.

Likely because Hudson does a reactor build with the current working 
directory being trunk/ and not maven-eclipse-plugin/. E.g. doing

   cd ..
   mvn integration-test -P run-its -f maven-eclipse-plugin/pom.xml

from the maven-eclipse-plugin directory should also fail for you.

> And if by chance someone knows what the problems is please let me know.

 From [0]:

      * Load the script from an external file ; optional.
      * @param fileName the name of the file containing the script source.
     public void setSrc(String fileName) {
         helper.setSrc(new File(fileName));

I suspect that the call "new File(fileName)" is missing a check for a 
relative path to resolve that against the project base dir.



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