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From John Casey <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] POM Version-Expression Transformation
Date Tue, 19 May 2009 02:45:57 GMT
I've been grappling with version-expression interpolation since before 
Maven 2.1.0 (See MNG-3057, MNG-4140, and now MNG-4167). It seems that 
doing this transformation within an ArtifactTransformation 
implementation is a flawed concept, since it means that plugins are 
using old content when they produce derivative files/metadata from a POM 
that contains version expressions.

I've written up my thoughts on what exactly the problem is here, what I 
see as our options for solving it, and how I think we ought to proceed. 
You can find them here:

Please, read it over and let me know what you think. If you have a 
completely different direction you think the solution should go, I want 
to hear from you! If you have something you think I haven't considered 
in this write-up, say so. I took a shot at fixing the version-expression 
problem in 2.1.0, and opened up a pretty big bug for projects that want 
GPG signatures of their POMs. I'd rather not repeat that mistake.



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