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From Joerg Hohwiller <>
Subject Re: maven 2.1 incompatibility list
Date Sat, 16 May 2009 20:53:35 GMT
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Hi there,

>> E.g. with maven 2.0.x you could have a module included in your
>> toplevel pom that you also add as dependency to some plugin such
>> as checkstyle or findbugs. In maven 2.1 you have to remove the
>> module declaration or you will get a cyclic dependency error
>> (that is hard to unserstand since it says that some module depends
>> on itself - which is right but you can not see this in its pom
>> directly because it is inherited).
> I think that's a bug. Having a plugin in the same reactor is bad, but
> building something and then passing it to a plugin is valid imo. I've had to
> do that to work around not being able to build and use a plugin in the same
> build.

Actually what I did was suggested in the documentation of checkstyle-plugin
and/or findbugs-plugin.
So shall I on a bug in JIRA?

>> Additionally with maven 2.0.x you could have the same build
>> plugin twice, such as a javadoc-plugin configured to aggregate
>> and a javadoc-plugin configuered per module. Maven 2.1 accepts
>> the pom but seems to ignore the second, duplicate plugin.
> Duplicate entries are bad, you should instead configure multiple executions.
> Something should notify you though that it's skipping the second plugin
> declaration.

I totally agree with you.

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