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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject Re: versions:analyze
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 06:19:10 GMT
3. when the same plugin is specified in multiple projects in the  
reactor, using different versions (severe warning fir 2.x minor for 3.x)

4. when reporting plugins specify a different version from build plugins

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On 4 Apr 2009, at 22:30, Stephen Connolly < 
 > wrote:

> Hi,
> ok so I'm working on a new goal for the versions plugin, analyze  
> (and an associated report analysis-report)
> I would like this goal to highlight potential issues with respect to  
> versions....
> first problem I see is:
> 1.  Referencing a reactor project as a plugin or plugin dependency  
> consumed later in the reactor (since plugins must be class-loaded  
> prior to starting the build life cycle, and the artifacts will not  
> be available until after the package phase at least
> Anyone any other suggestions for possible problems (which are to do  
> with versions and the reactor)
> 2. Using a dependency which is produced by the reactor, but not  
> using the version from the reactor (this is more of a warning than a  
> problem as I can see times when you might want to do this)
> Oh, and by the way, these will not fail the build, that's the job of  
> the enforcer plugin... I want this report to help steer people  
> towards best practice
> -Stephen

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