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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r767207 - /maven/components/branches/maven-2.1.x/pom.xml
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:27:28 GMT
I'm fine with rolling back the generic conversion stuff that I committed 
for maven-artifact-* and maven-project-* yesterday (even though I was 
very careful to check out the ways collections were populated, etc. to 
avoid casting problems), but I did have to write new code for MNG-4140. 
Since we've already decided that 2.1.0 would be moving to Java 1.5 I 
can't see the use in hanging onto the 1.4 requirement, particularly when 
it will throw a large monkeywrench in the fix for MNG-4140. I mean, I'm 
already running into notices that 1.4 features are unsupported. I'm 
using JAXP in this new code to avoid dragging in JDOM and all of its 
dependencies (or similar), and there are big changes from 1.4 to 1.5 in 
that code.

So, if it's a big concern let's branch for the generic conversion stuff 
I did (and to continue that work), but let's not force 1.4 on this 
release. It's unnecessary IMO. For the few users still actually using 
1.4 on a daily basis, it shouldn't be a big stretch for them to add a 
new JDK so they can use the new Maven release. We've already decided on 
this course of action, and we have to let them know sometime.


Brett Porter wrote:
> While I'd be ok with updating the base requirement, starting to make a 
> lot of changes to generify things should probably be kept to 2.2.x (I've 
> seen bugs introduced in other projects in the process due to casting, 
> interface breakage, etc). I agree with John's tweeted intent to keep 
> 2.1.1 to a small set of changes and roll it out quickly :)
> This seems as good a time as any to create the 2.2.x branch with those 
> java5 changes?
> Cheers,
> Brett
> On 22/04/2009, at 8:30 AM, Arnaud HERITIER wrote:
>>> Bumping the Java requirement doesn't feel like a maintenance release 
>>> IMHO.
>>> Therefore, shouldn't we bump the Maven version to 2.2 as well and 
>>> rename the
>>> branch or create a new one?
>>> +1 It's a too big change for a bug fix release
>> Arnaud
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