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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Is it now possible to affect reactor build ordering without using a normal module dependency?
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 16:33:43 GMT
Why do you want to affect the reactor build ordering without using a  

The only use for something like this I have thought of.... so this  
might be a feature request.... is that I would like to be able to  
assure that a large project with deeply nested structure can be built  
in stages.  For instance if I have a project like this:


where base, sub1 and sub2 are pom packaging and p1...p4 have the code  
in them,

I would like to be able to assure that all of sub1 gets built before  
any of sub2 to assist in preventing any dependencies of p1 or p2 on p3  
or p4.  AFAICT the current behavior is that maven puts p1...p4 in a  
single bucket and tries to find a build order that satisfies the  

david jencks

On Apr 3, 2009, at 9:11 AM, James Carpenter wrote:

> In the past plugins such as the dependency plugin didn't have a way to
> affect the reactor build order without having the user add a real  
> dependency
> (say test scope) to the module using the plugin (or having the plugin
> programatically do the same) just to ensure proper build ordering.   
> I assume
> this problem will eventually be solved in some manner (say a ghost
> dependency scope), but that it is likely a difficult one for some  
> reason or
> other and therefore has not been solved long ago.
> If all the referenced artifacts are jars one can sometimes  
> workaround the
> problem using plugin dependencies like I did when enhancing the  
> exec:java
> plugin for non-java modules.
> I am about to write a plugin which automatically downloads a few  
> archives
> specified by GAVs, and I'm wondering if the situation has improved.   
> If not
> I will simply use have to work around the issue.  Can anyone provide  
> some
> color the current status of this issue?

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