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From Vincent Siveton <>
Subject Re: Maven 2.1.0 and Doxia
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 18:04:26 GMT
Hi Brian,

2009/3/3 Brian E. Fox <>:
> The more this thread goes on, the less optimistic I feel about this going into 2.1. We
already know the 2.1M1 is stable and the point was to get it out in a release that people
can use, ie non-milestone.

I hope that 2.1 is stable but I remember you that Benjamin found a
parallel bug last week [1].

Making radical changes at the last minute is not good for stability
and not good for the users. I think this should go into 2.2 and there
should be a release cut and integrated into the 2.2 snapshots
immediately so we have time to understand the issues. Using a maven
release to effectively test doxia goes against all the progress we've
made in the last year to stabilize the releases and improve quality.
> (this is the same argument I think I used in 2.0.9, 2.0.10, and since the release didn't
happen, it's still valid imo)

I don't remember the arguments for 2.0.10 but I have no arguments why
2.1 could not include Doxia 1.1.
Maven 2.1 has new features Doxia too, it is a good combination IMHO.
I guess we will have several RC before launching 2.1, similar to
2.0.10 release.
So let's see what happen if we include Doxia 1.1, we could always do a
revert if problems are found.




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