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From Vincent Siveton <>
Subject Re: Maven 2.1.0 and Doxia
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 00:23:22 GMT
Hi John,

2009/3/2 John Casey <>:
> Hi,
> I know we've talked a bit about this already, but I'm still left with some
> questions. The most important of which is:
> What exactly is the plan for Doxia and Maven 2.1.0? Who's doing what to push
> this along?

As you probably know, the plan is here [1].
Doxia Team just have release 1.0 in February, and 1.1 is plan for this week.
I will start the release tomorrow morning if nobody already starts it.

> I'm looking at the recent history of our attempt to get a Maven 2.1.0
> release ready to go, and I see that we've been talking about including a new
> release of Doxia for quite some time now....but where is the release? It

Initially, Doxia 1.1 was planned to be included in Maven 2.0.10 but we
(Maven Team) decided to include it in Maven 2.1 (MNG-3602)

> looks like Doxia is still under development for 1.1, so I guess I'm just

All issues are fixes now [2] so not under development :)

> wondering:
> 1. What compelling reason do we have to upgrade Doxia in Maven 2.1.0? I
> understand that there's a largish assortment of plugins that cannot upgrade
> until Maven does...but what is in Doxia 1.1 that we can't live without until
> the next release of Maven (by which time - HOPEFULLY - Doxia would have been
> released and in the wild for some time)?

Maven 2.1 adds important features, Doxia too [3].
So, due these important features, IMHO Maven 2.1 should include Doxia 1.1.
If not included, we need to add Doxia 1.1 in Maven 2.2 which seems to
not be append due to Maven 3.

> 2. Is there a good reason why we can't publish a minimal set of interfaces
> and exceptions that are shared between Maven and Doxia, such that we could
> peg Maven to a version of that API and Doxia could maintain compatibility
> with that API, and specific versions of Doxia used in Maven could be a
> little more fluid?
> For example, if the Site plugin were to instantiate the Doxia bits and pass
> them through the Maven core to the report plugins...can we make it so Maven
> core doesn't have much to do with it, and the site plugin/report plugins can
> be the ones to respond to new Doxia releases?? If we could agree on a
> minimal API artifact and just get that released ASAP, it seems like we could
> upgrade to Doxia 1.1 after the core 2.1.0 release either through
> plugin-level deps or a new release of the site plugin.
> I'm probably naive, but why aren't we moving in this direction?

We probably could do it but you could also wait for one week more
without pain :)
If you have now a better idea to decouple Maven from Doxia, let's discuss!

> I'm venting because I'm a little frustrated that this conversation came up
> back in August and here we are talking about it again...and again, we have
> no released version of Doxia to consume. So, we're in a position of rushing
> out a release of Doxia so we can push an unproven dependency into Maven just
> in time for a release. Doesn't this seem like a terrible idea to anyone
> else? Doxia isn't a small system like plexus-utils or plexus-ant-factory;
> judging from the length of its recent release cycles, it's much more
> complicated.

Few people takes time to test Doxia 1.1 with Maven 2.1, maybe because
it depends on a particular site plugin [4].
I decided to include Doxia 1.1 (MNG-3602) in the build (r749465) so it
will be included in the 2.1 RC and, I hope, could be tested.

FYI MNG-3402 was a blocker issue but it is possible to shade Doxia in
the Maven report plugins to be backward compatible with 2.0.x [5]

> If we really are stuck with this sort of lock-step release cycle, isn't
> there something we can do right now, before releasing maven, doxia, or
> what-have-you, that would improve (solve?) the situation for next time?
> Sorry for the gruffness, but it doesn't seem like we're taking steps to fix
> the underlying situation between Maven and Doxia...

Doxia Team did tests to be *sure* that this integration doesn't break
site with Maven 2.1.

So I don't think we are stuck.

I hope this respond clarify your concerns.




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