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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Maven Scm 1.2 Release
Date Sat, 28 Mar 2009 17:31:44 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Maven Scm, version 1.2

Release Notes - Maven SCM - Version 1.2

** Bug
    * [SCM-246] - p4 command reports most or all errors on stderr but
maven-scm-provider-perforce throws away stderr
    * [SCM-252] - ClearCaseUpdateConsumer  for I18N
    * [SCM-262] - scm:tag for subversion tagging from local version of
code, not directly from repository
    * [SCM-313] - baazar : Check out command fails to report an error
    * [SCM-332] - Perforce provider give one changeset entry for each file
    * [SCM-346] - Recursive flag is not implemented in the check out command
    * [SCM-357] - UCM config_spec are not managed correctly
    * [SCM-360] - CVS Tag command doesn't use FileSet (list of files),
tagging ALL files in working directory
    * [SCM-375] - Problems with svn export and <exportDirectory>
    * [SCM-383] - SVN Tag does not use includes/excludes parameters
    * [SCM-403] - git scm:update command currently only works on the
branch 'master'
    * [SCM-406] - scm tag does not work with Subversion 1.5.1
    * [SCM-409] - Windows path length limitations can be overcome by
feeding an absolute path to SVN (checkout command)
    * [SCM-415] - 1.1 requires setting a Perforce password breaking
Perforce setup for external authentication
    * [SCM-417] - PerforceDiffCommand uses "head" instead of "now"
    * [SCM-421] - After update working directory is not updated:
missing hg update command
    * [SCM-432] - Goal scm:export does not work for Subversion repository
    * [SCM-433] - SvnInfoCommand  should allow option to set working directory
    * [SCM-436] - Remove setting working directory in export command
api. Working directory has no meaning to export command
    * [SCM-440] - <includes> and <excludes> do not seem to work
correctly during scm:update
    * [SCM-441] - NPE when using Git SCM 1.2-SNAPSHOT
    * [SCM-443] - perforce provider : login failure must be displayed
    * [SCM-451] - NPE when file list is empty

** Improvement
    * [SCM-339] - Need documentation on how to configure path to
ss.exe for VSS provider
    * [SCM-343] - Changelog can be generated with only an end-tag
    * [SCM-361] - make cvs tag -F  optional
    * [SCM-408] - Support the CVSNT "sserver" protocol
    * [SCM-428] - url syntax not good enough for the git scm provider

** New Feature
    * [SCM-437] - Add option to using export rather checkout at
boostrap mojo this is for performance purpose
    * [SCM-438] - support skipExportIfExists similar to checkout
    * [SCM-448] - CheckInScmResult could return the scm revision (at
least for svn provider)
    * [SCM-450] - Add a mojo to check for up to date local checkout

** Task
    * [SCM-410] - Replace deprecated Commandline#createArgument()
    * [SCM-411] - Performance: logger calls are not optimal

** Test
    * [SCM-404] - tgit scm:update does not have TCK Test yet
    * [SCM-407] - git scm:changelog does not have TCK Test yet

Have Fun!

-The Maven team

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