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From Raphaël Piéroni <>
Subject Re: Release for maven-archetype-plugin
Date Sat, 28 Mar 2009 16:02:00 GMT
Hi Jason,

I just uploaded a new snapshot which tries to fix the sort problem.

Please note that the plugin ask for a version only if the catalog
contains many archetypes of the same groupId-artifactId and different
version (if only one version is found, then no question is asked)

I implemented the version sort using the standard String.compareTo.

Please tell me if this is sufficient.



Le 25 mars 2009 18:46, Jason Voegele <> a écrit :
> On Tuesday 24 March 2009 07:20:54 pm Jason Voegele wrote:
>> On Tuesday 24 March 2009 06:08:16 pm Raphaël Piéroni wrote:
>> > I just uploaded a new version of the 2.0-a-5 snapshot on the apache
>> > snapshot repository.
>> > Please try it "mvn
>> > org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-archetype-plugin:2.0-alpha-5-SNAPSHOT:gene
>> >ra te" don't forget to use the new snapshot repository
>> >
>> I'll try out the new alpha-5-SNAPSHOT and let you know how it goes.
>> Thanks for applying my patches and working towards a release.
> I've tried out the new alpha-5-SNAPSHOT and the two problems I had been having
> previously (ARCHETYPE-110 and ARCHETYPE-234) are both corrected, so that is
> good news.
> One quirk that I noticed in this version, however, is that when the archetype
> plugin asks which version of an archetype you'd like to use (in interactive
> mode) it presents the list of versions in seemingly arbitrary order.  Would it
> be possible to sort these versions in ascending order so that most recent
> versions show up at the bottom of the list?
> --
> Jason Voegele
> Dinosaurs aren't extinct.  They've just learned to hide in the trees.

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