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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: Maven 2.1.0 and Doxia
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 14:50:40 GMT
Lukas Theussl wrote:
> Hi John,
> If you would have used the time it took you to write this email for 
> installing and testing Doxia 1.1 you probably wouldn't have to ask 
> anymore if it's a terrible idea. ;)

In my experience, five minutes isn't enough time to do anything when 
you've got more than one snapshot dependency/plugin you're trying to 
use. It's not trivial to replace a whole stack of artifacts with another 
whole stack of artifacts, then dig up a test project that will put the 
snapshots through their paces properly.

> However, the main point is that I also see no reason for NOT upgrading 
> now (as I do not accept your FUD arguments). 

This is not merely my blowing smoke and trying to inject fear; we've 
been bitten time and again by bad/untested dependencies that get pushed 
out just ahead of a Maven release. I've spent quite a lot of time in the 
past on the front lines after these releases, answering questions about 
why things are messed up and debugging problems for people to find a 

I don't think taking a slightly more conservative view of the release 
process as a result is in any way FUD. These are not unfounded views.

A few people have now taken
> their time to test 1.1 and have provided positive feedback (Brett, 
> Herve, Wendy). Doxia 1.1 (then beta-1) was present in the 2.0.x core for 
> 4 months [1], unfortunately it was reverted for the 2.0.10 release [2] 
> for reasons that I do not recall

These reasons were failing tests. I guess we didn't have the test 
coverage in place to figure that out for four months...good thing we're 
all set now, though.

> As for the improvements you propose, it certainly sounds good and all, 
> and IIUC along the lines of what Jason is planning for Maven 3 [3], but 
> as long as there is nothing concrete on the table I don't see why we 
> shouldn't use what we have now (ie Doxia 1.1).

IMO, the only thing we know we have now is the released and 
battle-proven versions that went out with the previous release(s). These 
may have warts, but they're known quantities. We don't have a Doxia 1.1, 
that's kind of the point I was trying to make. We *may* have one soon, 
and maybe it'll work or maybe it won't. Maybe it'll introduce a crop of 
bugs that keep us from saying that this Maven release is *definitely* 
progress, *definitely* better.

Our problems with upgrading Doxia in Maven core are not simply 
prejudice, they have a long history of causing really difficult 
problems. This means Doxia has to be subject to extraordinary scrutiny 
before we include a new release in Maven itself.


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