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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject MNG-4056, please comment
Date Sun, 01 Mar 2009 14:10:40 GMT

I recently created a patch for MNG-4056 and would appreciate some 
comments whether that's the proper way to address the issue.

In short, this issue is about the subtle difference between




i.e. <type>test-jar</type> vs. <classifier>tests</classifier>. While

both declarations work during builds of the consumer project that run up 
to the "install" phase, only the latter declaration will allow proper 
dependency resolution from the reactor during an earlier lifecycle phase 
like "package" (see also comments in MNG-2045 [0]).

The cause for this difference is that resolution from the reactor 
matches artifacts by their dependency conflict id which has the form 
gid:aid:type:classifier. For the first dependency declaration above, the 
type is "jar" which doesn't match the type "test-jar" as used for the 
attached test JAR.

In case matching by dependency conflict id fails, the proposed patch 
falls back to another id I called repository conflict id (well, it 
needed to have a name...). The important difference is that the 
repository conflict id has the form gid:aid:extension:classifier, i.e. 
uses the file extension instead of the type.

The rationale for this approach is the observation that the repository 
layout does not use the artifact type but the file extension to 
distinguish files. In other words, the ids
get mapped to the same physical file in the repository, namely
i.e. there's an aliasing effect in the repository which the patch mimics 
for dependency resolution from the reactor.

It solves the problem from a user's perspective but I'm not sure whether 
this kind of artifact identity is clean from a design perspective. WDYT?



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