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From Michael McCallum <>
Subject Re: Virtual versions
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 20:10:08 GMT
how often do you really change the enterprise pom though? 

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 07:24:25 Timothy Reilly wrote:
> Hi Oleg,
> I just worked with a company converting 130+ projects from Ant to Maven. LATEST and RELEASE
were invaluable.
> I do think there needs to be more thought around when they're allowed. No artifact's
"release" pom should contain SNAPSHOT, LATEST or RELEASE anywhere. The later 2 should be extrapolated
during the release build. But otherwise they're really important to me during development.
Why wouldn't I want to point to parent pom version = RELEASE in my development poms? Or use
the LATEST plugin until it breaks something in a non backward compatible way? Re-creating
past releases and dependency trees it's a different story though.
> It's a lot to ask a build and deploy team to update 130+ projects whenever they release
a new enterprise pom. What they'll do in practice is just change it and force it over the
current version or worse avoid making changes that really should be done b/c it's too much

Michael McCallum
Enterprise Engineer

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